Mar 20, 2017

Lucian turns back from National Honors ceremony due to parking matter

In an unfortunate and shameful series of events, veteran playwright, poet, and stage drama producer - Lucien Bulathsinhala has been forced to turn return home due to the lack of parking space at the today’s (20) state ceremony to award National Honors for 90 distinguished personalities.

Mr. Bulathsinhala had been accompanied by his son and a friend and they even had the invitations issued by the Presidential secretariat with them.

They had reached the venue around 4.45pm for the event which commenced at 6.00pm.

When he had raised the parking issue, he has been told to park his car in the roadside if he wished.

Therefore, they were forced to turn back despite Mr. Bulathsinhala being an award recipient at today’s ceremony.

Although he had received a string of phone calls from the Presidential Secretariat during the last few days with regard to the ceremony, it is reported that organisers have failed to recognise him.

National Honors ceremony

This year’s event at the Nelum Pokuna theatre, Colombo under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena, is being held after 12 years.

The honours; Deshamanya (Titular), Sri Lankabhimanya (Titular), Deshabandu (Titular), Vidyajothi (Titular), Kala Keerthi (Titular), Sri Lanka Sikhamani (Titular), Vidya Nidhi (Titular), Kala Suri (Titular), Sri Lanka Thilaka (Non-titular), Veera Prathapa (Non- titular), will be bestowed at this ceremony.

National honours Sri Lanka Ranjana (Titular); the second highest honour awarded to non-nationals for distinguished service of a highly meritorious nature to Sri Lanka in particular and/ or humanity in general will also be presented at this ceremony.