Jul 03, 2021

Dr. Lakith Peiris won't be seeking another term as president - APHNH

Current President of the Association of Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes (APHNH) Dr. Lakith Peiris will not be seeking another term, a statement released by the APHNH states.
The statement comes hours after 'SriLankaMirror' published an article about the growing internal protests against Dr. Peiris over his re-election bid.
Dr. Peiris is the Managing Director of the Hemas Hospital group and his tenure as the president of the APHNH ended on June 30. 
The statement released by Secretary of APHNH - Dr. Sunil Ratnapreya confirms  that "Dr. Peiris will not be seeking another term and the membership is grateful for his exemplary and outstanding contribution as President."
The statement issued by APHNH is shown below : 
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Editor's Note:

'SriLankaMirror' wishes to inform our readers that we stand by our story, but as a responsible and ethical media organization respecting the 'Right to Reply' , we are  ready to allow Dr. Peiris to explain his position.

However, we would like to note that at the time we published our story, Dr. Peiris had not stated that he would not contest and through our sources, we had come to know that there was a growing protest over his re-election bid.

The APHNH had stated that Dr. Peiris would not contest only after the publication of our news.
Besides, we reiterate that other facts mentioned in the story are correct. Especially the fact that Hemas Hospital obtained PCR samples at a time when it did not have facilities to do PCR testing.
Therefore, we stand by our facts while respecting the right to reply of parties concerned.
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