Jul 05, 2021

PHIs blame authorities for inconvenience caused by strike Featured

The strike launched by 13 health trade unions at 7am this morning, is currently underway.

Chairman of the Public Health Inspector’s Union of Sri Lanka Upul Rohana, who is also part of the strike action said health officials must bear responsibility for the inconvenience caused to the public, due to the strike.

He added the public is severely burdened at present due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis.

Commenting on the Government Medical Officers’ Association, the PHI Union Chairman said it was the GMOA that commenced the process to destroy the balance in the health sector.

He added the GMOA is reiterating that trade union action will be launched once again.

Upul Rohana said however it was the actions of the GMOA that led to hindrances in the promotion structure and awarding of executive grade appointments.

He claimed it has led to struggles in the health sector as several trade unions that worked tirelessly and did not request for benefits were pushed towards demands by state officials and officials attached to the Ministry of Health.

Commenting on factors that led to the strike and groups involved, Upul Rohana said the trade union action was launched over five demands including, executive grade appointments, promotions and uniforms.

He added an indefinite strike action was launched as the government failed to provide solutions to these demands.

The PHI Union Chairman noted several unions within the Supplementary Medical Service including PHIs, laboratory technicians, midwives and dental technicians have also joined the strike action.