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Mar 21, 2017

PM rules out international court Featured

The constitution does not permit foreign judges’ participation in an investigation process into accusations of human rights violations during the war and the government will never agree to an international court, says prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Noting that the people have Sri Lanka’s supremacy, he says the whole of Asia too, are opposed to foreign judges and an international court.

Wickremesinghe was speaking at a religious function in Weeraketiya on March 19.


Guidance by Buddhist clergy needed

Speaking further, he said many lives, of Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims as well as many war heroes were lost to the war, while the lives of LTTE members, who were also Sri Lankan citizens, but had been misled, too, were lost.

The entire northern province is in shambles and an economy is non-existent, which in turn has adversely affected the country’s economy, he said.

After the war, the country has to be taken forward, democracy and peace have to be established, but it is not an easy task to unite a country that had remained divided for around 40 years.

A political solution alone cannot do that, said the PM, noting that the Buddhist clergy should, and will, provide the necessary guidance according to the teachings of Lord Buddha to unite all.

Steps are being taken with international support to resolve the problems, he said.

The UNP and the SLFP need to get together to resolve economic woes, and for that other parties too, should extend support, said Wickremesinghe.

TNA insists

However, TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran says the existing constitution would not prevent the foreign judges’ participation in an investigation into HR violation accusations.

A case in point is the planned appointment of Commonwealth judges to investigate charges against ex-chief justice Shirani Bandaranayake, he said.

The TNA’s stand is the establishment of an international court and participation of foreign judges are mandatory, he adds.

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