Jul 08, 2021

33 including Stalin taken for quarantine despite being bailed (Video) Update Featured

(Update) : 33 people including Ceylon Teachers' Union Secretary - Joseph Stalin, who were arrested by Police for holding a protest in Polduwa, have been released on bail.
They have been arrested for flouting quarantine regulations by holding a protest.
Colombo Additional Magistrate - Kanchani Neranji ordered to release them on a cash bail of Rs.25,000 each.
State TV - ITN reports that although the police had requested the magistrate to direct the protestors into quarantine, the magistrate had said the judiciary wasn't empowered to do so.
Meanwhile, reports say that a tense situation reported opposite the Colombo Magistrate's Court following attempts to direct the group that was arrested in Polduwa and released this evening, to undergo quarantine with the STF and Riot Squad deployed to beef up security.
'JDS Lanka' has Tweeted a video of Stalin stating that the activists were taken to an undisclosed location by the police even after courts granted them bail.
In the video, Stalin is seen saying," Police are taking us by force after our release. Is this the law of this country?".
(Video courtesy : JDS Lanka)
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IUSF Convener, Joseph Stalin & 29 others arrested for staging protest

Thirty-one persons including IUSF Convener Ven. Rathkarawwa Jinarathana Thera and Ceylon Teachers' Union General Secretary Joseph Stalin have been arrested for staging a protest at the Polduwa Round-about violating quarantine order this morning.

Police Spokesman SDIG Ajith Rohana said that two women were also among the arrested.