Aug 02, 2021

Is there a 3rd COVID-19 vaccine dose?

There is a possibility of patients being given a third ‘booster’ dose even after being fully vaccinated, Deputy Director-General of Health Services, Dr. Hemantha Herath says.

Responding to a query with regard to a third vaccine, Dr. Herath said that theoretically, a yearly vaccine needs to be administered for any virus, such as Influenza.

However, the necessity of administering a yearly booster dose is yet to be determined, he added. The possibility has also sprung up in the global research medical field, and it is possible for Sri Lanka to administer such doses if deemed necessary.

Dr. Herath reminded that the effectiveness of the current vaccination program and the immunity of the community as a whole is yet to be determined, and the necessity of a third, or yearly dose will be decided upon later.