Aug 05, 2021

Control Price for PCR & RAT - Lasantha

The State Ministry of Co-operative Services, Marketing Development and Consumer Protection says a controlled price will be introduced for PCR and Rapid Antigen Tests, that are conducted to confirm COVID-19 infections.

Subject Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna said officers of the Consumer Affairs Authority inspected 45 private hospitals across the island, where PCR tests are conducted and 43 hospitals where Antigen Tests are conducted; where it was observed that a PCR test is priced between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9500; while an Antigen test is priced between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5900.

State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna said the Ministry of Health was requested to issue a set maximum price for PCR tests and Antigen tests by next Friday and noted the prices of COVID-19 tests will be controlled by next week.