Mar 24, 2017

SLFP demands halt to Aloysius’ distillery plan Featured

The SLFP demands an immediate halt to the plan by Arjun Aloysius, implicated in the Central Bank bond sale scam, to open a distillery in Kalkudah, says minister from the party Faizer Mustafa.

At a media briefing at the SLFP headquarters yesterday (23), Mustafa responded to questions raised by journalists with regard to the distillery that is to be given special tax concessions by the Finance Ministry.

The distillery will bring great harm to the country as it will cause more alcoholics to be hospitalized, and the employment opportunities it will generate are negligible, said Mustafa.

He went onto say that the entire SLFP and even the entire country would rise up to render this plan inactive after bringing the matter to the attention of the president.

Politics circles are full of suspicion that finance minister Ravi Karunanayake has included a clause in budget 2017 for a 100 per cent tax concession for investments in Uva and eastern provinces in order to help his businessman friend Aloysius in his distillery plan.

This is termed as a very serious financial and tax fraud, will be more harmful to the country than the CB bond scam, and also due to Karunanayake’s imposing tax burdens on the public while helping his relatives and cronies by way of tax concessions being granted with plans made in advance.