Aug 21, 2021

15 Bn lost per day due to quarantine curfew 

Minister of Money, Capital Markets and State Enterprise Reforms, Ajith Nivaard Cabraal speaking at a press conference at the Government Information Department said that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) loss per day during the quarantine curfew is Rs. 15 Bn.

“Sri Lanka’s workforce is approximately 8 Mn. 1.5 Mn of those are in the state sector. 
Human life is important and an income is also important. For that, we need to have a stable economy. Everyone should prepare for certain sacrifices,” he added.

Meanwhile, Mawrata reports that the State Minister has written to the President requesting the sole remaining institution under his purview be handed over to Minister Namal Rajapaksa who is now overlooking several institutions following the recent cabinet reshuffle.