Mar 26, 2017

Rakna Lanka marshals to Champika’s LRDC Services Featured

Cabinet approval has been granted to attach marshals of Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Ltd. to the LRDC Services Pvt. Ltd. in order to guarantee their job security until such time Rakna Lanka is liquidated on the instructions of the attorney general.

As the defence minister, president Maithripala Sirisena submitted the relevant cabinet paper, and subject minister Patali Champika Ranawaka has agreed to accept nearly 1,050 workers to LRDC Services.

Meanwhile, a committee of senior officials is to be appointed to recommend solutions with regard to Rakna Lanka’s obligations and commitments to public money.

This will be done pursuant to the cabinet approval given last December to handover Rakna Lanka’s duties to the Navy and the Civil Defence Department.

Billions to be paid

Rakna Lanka has been ordered by SIAC in Singapore to pay Rs. 840 million in compensation to Avant Garde for having terminated its agreement to run a floating armoury.

This money has to be paid before liquidating Rakna Lanka which is fully owned by the Defence Ministry.

Furthermore, Avant Garde has sent a letter to Rakna Lanka seeking 5.2 million US dollars as expenses for having run a floating armoury for Sri Lanka in the Red Sea, and former chairman Victor Samaraweera has readily accepted that, it has been reported.

Therefore, Rakna Lanka will have to pay billions of rupees to Avant Garde alone before its liquidation.