Aug 28, 2021

Body bags below standard: substituted tender samples! Featured

The newly appointed Technical Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Health has decided that the body bags used up to now are sub-par and a decision has been taken to call for tenders to purchase 15,000 new body bags.
Approval has already been granted to purchase 5,000 of these from China.
The company that supplied the body bags earlier has been granted approval to keep supplying them until a new supplier is chosen via tender and stocks received.  

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that with the rapid spread of Covid-19, samples provided during tenders are been substituted. Investigations into the supply of sub-standard PPEs by the CID has revealed this.  The CID investigation has revealed that the PPEs in the stores of the company chosen by the previous tender, are not of the same quality as the sample they provided.

State Minister Channa Jayasumana during a discussion has prevented an attempt by a Health Ministry official  to substitute a sample provided by a company so that a predetermined supplier would get the benefit.