Sep 03, 2021

Niwunhella inspects 4 main rice mills in Polonnaruwa

Newly appointed commissioner General of Essential Services - Maj. Gen. N.D.S.P. Niwunhella had inspected 04 prominent rice mills in Polonnaruwa today (03).

The rice mills, namely Nipuna, Araliya, Lath Sahal and New Rathna were inspected in this manner and the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has taken a report on their rice stocks.

The rice mill owners agreed to submit a report to the CAA on the rice stocks and wholesale prices issued by them and to publicize the prices.

The rice mill owners have also stated that they will convert their stocks of paddy into rice as soon as possible and continue an uninterrupted supply to the market under the price controls  set by the government.

Chairman of the CAA - Maj. Gen. Shantha Dissanayake and a number of officials had been present at the occasion.