Sep 07, 2021

Welikada gallows relocated to Millewa; Land given to hotel

40 acres of land in Borella, from the location of the Welikada prison is to be set aside for a hotel project, by the Urban Development Authority.

The Chapel Ward as well as the Prison headquarters are within the area demarcated for this project .

Apart from this, 35 acres have also been set aside for different investments and several investors have expressed interest, according to State Minister for Prison Management and Prisoner Rehabilitation Lohan Ratwatte.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has instructed that special attention be paid to the welfare of children who are with female inmates, when relocating the Welikada Prison Complex to Millewa, Horana.

Gallows head to Millewa

During a Zoom meeting to access the project’s progress, the PM has also instructed that remand facilities should take into account that those in remand are not convicted criminals.

State Minister Nalaka Godahewa has stated that a sum of Rs. 30 BN is needed for this project which would conclude in 2024 and that since the Treasury is not allocating any funds towards this in the face of the current economic crisis, alternative methods would be sought to complete the project on the deadline.

Prisons Commissioner General Thushara Upuldeniya stated that the Magazine Prison will be first shifted to Millewa, followed by the other prisons. The Welikda Gallows too will be shifted accordingly.