Mar 28, 2017

RDA project director threatened over Rajapaksas’ commissions Featured

A project director of the Road Development Authority is in hiding due to the death threats he is receiving continuously, according to reports reaching 'Sri Lanka Mirror'.

The senior official, Thilakasiri Gallage, is under threat due to his opposition to attempts by certain top officials to swindle millions of money from the Mulatiyana-Kotapla road built during the Rajapaksa regime.

He has informed the engineering union of the institution in writing that RDA authorities should be held responsible if any harm came to his life.

The estimated cost for the road project was Rs. 2.2 billion, with China’s CATIC as the contractor and MAGA as its local agent.

Attempts to get additional money, to be used for the election campaign of a Rajapaksa rule front-man, by claiming a Rs. 3.8 billion expense, was foiled due to the regime change.

However, certain key officials of the RDA are still trying to get that additional money and pressurizing Gallage, the chief engineer of the project, to sign the relevant documents.

R.M. Gamini

Senior project director R.M. Gamini is one of them, and he is considered a very corrupt official since the Rajapaksa administration, but has been able to gain confidence of the present government too.

He has taken over all highway projects to be carried out through Chinese companies, and satisfies the relevant authorities by way of commissions and other means.

Gamini is aiming to become additional director general (projects) of the RDA although there are seven officers who are senior and more qualified than him.

After the Anti Corruption Front complained to president Maithripala Sirisena that worse corruption was taking place now in highway construction contracts, the president’s office has investigated this official and the investigation report is to be handed over to the FCID next week, a top official of the president’s office told 'Sri Lanka Mirror'.

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