Sep 20, 2021

Rs. 2 Bn to construct jogging tracks near Tanks Featured

Plans are underway on constructing more jogging tracks close to several Tanks in Sri Lanka.
Speaking to media, Director of the Urban Development Authority N. P. K. Ranaweera has said Rs. 02 billion was allocated for the development of jogging tracks at the Beliatta, Ampitiya, Kamburugamuwa, Kurunegala and Kathale Wewas.

He said these development projects will not be suspects, despite organized efforts to oppose them.

“If the protests by the environmental organizations, religious leaders and agrarian organizations are reasonable, a positive response will be given by the UDA,” said the Director General.

At the same time, the Urban Development Authority said the construction of the jogging track at the historic Parakrama Samudra will go ahead as per the recommendations of the engineers attached to the Irrigation Department.

(Source : Newsfirst)

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