Sep 22, 2021

Businessman murders Covid afflicted wife for property

Boralesgamuwa police have arrested a businessman for murdering his wife in the hope of acquiring her property. She was afflicted with Covid-19 at the time of death. The half-burnt pillow and bed sheets used for the crime are in police custody.

The victim was a 45 year old mother of two from 3rd Lane, Egodawatte road, Borelasgamuwa - Yasintha Mapalagama. Her son is 13 years old and daughter, 6 years old.

She was recuperating from Covid-19 at home and on 15 September, her brother had received a call from the husband stating that she had passed away while in bed. He had arrived and had taken her to the Kalubowila hospital, where she was declared dead on admission.

The brother had been suspicious about the woman’s husband’s behaviour because he kept attempting to cover a scratch on his neck with his collar and was acting out of the ordinary, and had made a police complaint in this regard.

The post-mortem revealed that death was due to asphyxiation by tightening of the nose and mouth.

The motive has been to claim her property and start a new life with another woman.