Sep 27, 2021

Hudson seizes 8 mobiles bought for SLBC employees

Eight mobile phones purchased for employees of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) have been taken into the custody of its chairman - Hudson Samarasinghe.

The phones had been procured by the SLBC DG - Chandrapala Liyanage as a proactive measure, after fearing a possible mobile phone dearth in the local market due to the ongoing import restrictions.

Accordingly, one phone was supposed to be for his use while 03 and 04 phones were allocated for the Marketing Section and the newly established Education Section respectively.

The DG had procured these phones despite higher officials at the SLBC enjoying an additional phone allowance which was added to their salary during the era of the 'Good Governance' government.

Vision FM too, a failure?

On August 16, the SLBC decided to turn 102.3 FM frequency owned by the institute's highest-grossing 'Commercial Service', into a full time channel for education.

However, due to its hasty start, documents have not been signed properly with the Ministry of Education, leading to its downfall, reports say.

Improper calculation of ongoing maintenance costs too, have led to the channel towards a loss making mark.

However, due to the issue, it is said that measures have been taken to suspend parliament proceedings that were broadcast on the channel so far.

Salary delays

After reacting to our previous expose that the SLBC will only receive their basic salary for the month of September, the Finance Division has decided to revise this decision, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns.

However, as the previously allotted funds were not enough to cover the complete salaries, the salary payment, which was normally due on 25th, has been postponed to today (27).

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