Oct 03, 2021

Lt. Colonel misled & convinced to murder Elle player!

Doubts are being raised of possible holes existing in Intelligence reports, as more details continue to emerge on the calculated murder of the Elle player in Thotalanga.
Akila Sampath Rathnasiri of Batuwatta Ragama, was the captain of the Thotalanga Aruna Elle team and a father of three.
This is due to the murder suspect - Corporal Susantha Perera having misled the Commanding Officer of the Mattakkuliya Army Intelligence camp, Lieutenant Colonel and obtained his assistance in the assassination.
It has now been revealed that an illicit affair between the Corporal and the wife of the murder victim had led to the murder, in order for the duo to get together.
The corporal had misused intelligence information to falsely label Rathnasiri as a large scale drug dealer. Noting that Rathnasiri posed a threat to himself and the other intel officers, he had convinced the camp's commanding officer to 'silence' Rathnasiri.
Accordingly, Rathnasiri was murdered according to a plan by the officers of the camp.
The Corporal had gotten close to the murder victim's wife, (who is the Grama Seva officer of Summitpura) during his frequent work related trips to the Grama Sevaka office to obtain information on residents. He had taken advantage of the facts that Akila was addicted to ICE and Akila's caring for her had wilted.
At the present, 14 officers of the Mattakkuliya Army Intelligence camp including the camp's commanding officer, have been arrested for the murder. Police have also seized two cabs of the camp.
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