Oct 10, 2021

Complaint filed against Diyawadana Nilame

A complaint has been lodged with the Kandy SSP yesterday (09) against the Diyawadana Nilame at the Temple of the Tooth - Pradeep Nilanga Dela Bandara.

The complaint, which raises 43 charges against Dela Bandara, has been lodged by one Sri Nissanka Mayadunne, who is said to be the chairman of an organisation called 'Ravana Lanka Jathika Sanwidaanaya'.

The charges raised by Mayadunne include :

Deceiving the entire Buddhist community including the President by broadcasting footage of an old Perahera as a live coverage after an elephant ran amok at the last Randoli Perahera, illegally selling lands belonging to the Temple of the Tooth and registering them as business companies, being involved in the corrupt deal of the Myanmar Tusker worth Rs. 260 million and the disappearance of 9.3kg of gold and gold Buddha statues during his tenure as Basnayaka Nilame at the Kataragama Devalaya.

The media unit of the Temple of the Tooth had made a police complaint against Mayadunne, who had earlier made several revelations with regard to this year's final Randoli Perahera. Accordingly, he had been summoned to give a statement.

Upon arriving at the police station to give a statement in this regard, Mayadunne had lodged the aforementioned complaint of his own.

Noting that he possesses all evidence to the allegations he is leveling against the Diyawadana Nilame, Mayadunne says that corruption within the Temple of the Tooth happens to such an extent that it is hard to imagine the sacred Tooth relic actually resides within the temple.

He adds that details of these corrupt activities have been forwarded to the President, Prime Minister, Parliament Speaker, all the 225 MPs and the Maha Sangha including the Chief Prelates.

“It is the king of Buddhists that is engaged in this corrupt activities. It is the heritage of the entire global Buddhists that is being destroyed in this manner. At present, the law in this country has stopped moving against Pradeep Nilanga Dela. Investigations have been halted. He will remain in this position for only another 2-3 years," Mayadunna has said.