Oct 17, 2021

Secret discussion as 20A to be amended again!

It is reported that a secret discussion has been between President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thero at the Thero's temple last Friday (08).

The meeting had been a result of the President requesting to meet the Thero.

During the meeting, the Thero had pointed out that he had fallen silent after initially opposing the 20th Amendment due to the pledge of the President to introduce a new constitution after making amendments. However, this is a promise that had continued to get delayed, the Thero had added.

To this, the President has reportedly said the new constitution will be introduced soon and he will show his work in the remaining 3 years.

According to the Irida Divaina, the Thero has clarified : "Although some persons have pointed out that we are now against the government it is not so... Perhaps it may seem so by certain things we say and do. However, it should be clearly understood that we are not being anti-government. However, with some things under way, what can be seen is that it is the government that is being anti-public. At that point, we will be compelled to stand with the public. This is what is happening."

The Divaina newspaper has also revealed this regard.

"Mr. President, I want to say this. Some people are pointing out that we are now against this government and that we are speaking against you.

We are not against this government. But according to some of the things that are going on, it seems that the government is against the people. That is where we have to take the side of the people. That's what's happening.

We spoke on platforms to form public opinion to bring this government to power.

We gave hope to the people there. You promised the people accordingly. Now we have to keep those promises. Because people are waiting for that. If that does not happen then we have to criticize this government. But if not, we have to pressure the government to keep its promises. Otherwise we have to fight against the government

So this is a ruthless journey, not a rebellion against the government.

“I know, our Venerable Thero. In fact, it's even more important.

Elle Nayaka Thero has drawn the President's attention to several issues.

“When you brought in the 20th Amendment, we opposed it. You really wanted to do it. You requested us to allow this to be done at this time. Secondly, a new constitution is being drafted. We will include the objections raised in the constitution.

The promise has not been fulfilled yet. We need to bring a new constitution. It should include the proposals we have put forward for this country.

Also, they promised not to sell national resources when you come. But those promises do not seem to be being fulfilled. ”

In this way, the Thero of Elle made a number of points. Elle Gunawansa Thera made a big revelation about the sale of national resources, the inefficiency of the ministers, the incompetence of the officials, the incompetence of the heads of the institutions, the incompetence of some officials, the incompatibility of some officials as well as the frauds and corruption of some ministers and MPs.

The President listened attentively for more than two hours during this discussion.

"Wait for you. These shortcomings will be rectified very soon." I have 3 more years to work… ”

It's true to be a working leader. He will be respected by the people as a leader who has worked. People know that you are the leader who worked tirelessly to liberate and beautify this country from terrorists. It is not difficult for you to do this. If you work as a historic leader, you can say goodbye with dignity someday.

After concluding the discussion, the President returned home happy. "