Oct 21, 2021

State Minister forcibly seizes land from owner?

State minister - Sanath Nishantha and a group of his supporters have forcibly seized land from the Mahakumbukkadawala area.
Lodging a complaint with the police, the rightful owner has said that the group had forcibly entered the 50-acre land and bulldozered it after chasing away the security guard.
They have also loaded up equipment and other stuff at the premises to a tractor.
The complainant says that around 10 persons and the minister had engaged in this activity.
He has added that although the state minister had requested for the land from him many times, he has declined the offer and each time the state minister had vowed to take over the land regardless.
Upon inquiring from the State minister, he had said that he cannot allow someone with a mere permit to take over a land while the true owner exists.
The state minister had said he had merely helped the true owner get the land and the one with the permit does not hold true ownership of the land.