Oct 26, 2021

Fake Cabinet paper! ; No certification for Indian liquid fertilizer Featured

The cabinet paper prepared to give the urea and nitrogen fertilizer monopoly to a hurriedly established sole proprietorship is a trap set for a scam full of lies and deceit, said Matale District Parliamentarian Rohini Kaviratne.

Issuing a statement, MP Kaviratne said that a technical committee without a single expert on nanotechnology has spent Rs. 5230 to purchase Nano Nitrogen which is sold in India for just Rs. 484 (Rs. 1302.18 in SL rupees).

She also revealed that according to the cabinet paper and the description of the imported products, this product does not have an 'organic certificate'.

It is said that the product was imported without even the organic certification, having carried out a huge campaign claiming to promote organic agriculture.

The statement further stated, “In order to hide the fact that there was a shortage of dollars, it was evident that they were creating this carbonic fertilizer myth as it was problematic to supply the fertilizer and pesticides for the upcoming Maha season. Even the experts had expressed their views in this regard. Today, the Agriculture Ministry has become a den of corruption and deceit engaged in massive financial and academic fraud. Having created the backdrop to import Chinese excretion, Sri Lanka has been made a country licking the heels of China destroying all diplomatic traditions and rules. The aim of these fraudsters is to somehow facilitate the import of this Chinese excretion fertilizer.”

The removal of Prof. Buddhi Marambe from the policy making committee of the Ministry of Agriculture is a removal of the real intellectuals from the policy making process in the field of agriculture. In return, the current Secretary of Agriculture, Prof. Udith Jayasinghe, who acted as the agent for importing the organic excretion fertilizer, has hired brokers to prepare the documents required for his racket.

Only the experts in the agriculture field can stop the 2.4 million farmers, food security and the economy of the country being dragged down the gutter by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministers of Agriculture and its Secretaries and put an end to this drama. This fiasco can be stopped by the participation of the experts and professionals in the field of agriculture in a dialogue on technical issues.”

Hence, she appealed to all agronomists, professionals and all parties involved in agriculture to join hands to prevent the plundering of agriculture in Sri Lanka by these arrogant, prudent thieves.

“It is unfortunate that the so-called intellectuals who pretend to be the guardians of the agricultural sector are using their professional knowledge as prostitution to generate wealth for a handful of people plunging the country’s agriculture into the abyss.”