Oct 26, 2021

Older sister who encouraged sister to steal, remanded!

A woman has been arrested and produced before court in connection with aiding and abetting her sister who is abroad to swindle nearly Rs. 10 million from the accounts of local people through the internet has been ordered to be remanded till the 28th by the Galle Additional Magistrate Pavithra Sanjeewani Pathirana.

The suspect's sister had gone to Japan and later said that she had to show assets in order to get a large sum of money from the Japanese government.

Accordingly, the suspect had told a friend in the village to deposit money in her account so that her sister could obtain the money online.

She hadalso promised a greater return for their investment.

Accordingly, a person had deposited Rs. 1,300,000 in the bank on January 14, 2020 and sent her the ATM card number so that the money could be withdrawn online. She had withdrawn money from this persons account on several occasions but had not returned any of it. Therefore,the depositor had lodged a complaint with the police regarding this scam.

Uponinvestigation, the police had discovered that the relevant suspect is notresiding in Japan but is in the Middle East and had scammed two others for Rs.5 million and two million on previous occasions.