Oct 27, 2021

400 vehicles imported despite ban!

The Sri Lanka Customs has written to the Ministry of Finance inquiring whether around 400 that were imported to the country despite the ban on vehicle imports during the Covid pandemic, should be confiscated or not.

The Customs Department said in its letter that the vehicles were ordered after the government imposed an import ban in March 2020, which is against the current law.

Accordingly, there are more than 300 luxury vehicles in the port premises, said Customs Spokesman Sudathnada Silva.

Most of the vehicles in the Port of Colombo are imported from Japan and Britain under the permit system.

Earlier the government stated that vehicles imported against the ban would be confiscated and handed over to government institutions. The Customs also pointed out that the value of these vehicles is declining by the day and being destroyed due to exposure to the elements.

When inquired from the Import and Export Control Department, a senior official said that the final decision regarding vehicles should be taken by the Ministry of Finance.