Apr 02, 2017

Women drivers blamed for increased traffic Featured

A new study blames women drivers for an increased congestion in the roads in the afternoons, accordingly minister Patali Champika Ranawaka.

This is the main reason for congested roads in the after-school hours, he says quoting findings from a bus lane pilot project between Rajagiriya and Ayurvedic Roundabout.

The week-long test ended on March 19.

On march 15, according to the results, 32,650 people travelled in 1,049 buses in the project area.

However, only 28,851 people travelled in 19,238 cars, vans and three-wheelers during the same period.

On March 15, the number of passengers in 1,253 buses rose to 42,440, while 21,927 other vehicles carried only 32,891 people.

The results show that a bus lane will help minimize traffic in Colombo city.

The project will be carried out between Colombo Pettah and Battaramulla.