Oct 28, 2021

Secretary claims Mahinda is side-lined!

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has been sidelined after the 20th Amendment by those around the President, said the PM’s Muslim Affairs Coordinator Shiram Younus. 

He claimed that currently there are two factions within the government which are the President’s faction and the PM’s faction, adding that the Prime Minister is only a namesake figure in the government.

Younus said that there are a group of businessmen around the Prime Minister currently, but many of them are viruses.

He revealed that everything happens based on money. This was said during an interview in the ‘Truth with Chamuditha’ programme on the You Tube channel.

The Prime Minister’s Muslim Affairs Coordinator also said that despite India getting information regarding the Easter Sunday attacks, no action had been taken, adding that this has resulted in grave damage to the Muslim people.

Hence, he added that there is speculation among the Muslim community on when the government will crumble and said that 98% of them would not vote for the SLPP.

Expressing his views on Gnanasara Thera, Younus said that he would not even address him as ‘Thera’.