Oct 29, 2021

Govt. affiliated parties surrender after Basil’s talk!

Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa has reportedly informed the leaders of the government affiliated parties about the agreement regarding the Kerawalapitiya Yugadanavi power plant.

The discussion was held at Temple Trees yesterday (28) under the patronage of President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.
The discussion which commenced at 05.30 pm yesterday lasted for 4 hours and was attended by leaders of all political parties affiliated to the government, its representatives and a group of ministers.

Addressing the media after the discussion, General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Minister of State Dayasiri Jayasekara said that the Minister of Finance had instructed him to submit proposals on the agreement regarding the Yugadanavi Power Plant.

"About 12 points were discussed on various matters regarding the Covid pandemic, fertilizer issue, Yugadanavi and other issues that have arisen at the port. Basil Rajapaksa said that this is not the final agreement but several other agreements have to be signed. In addition to the original agreement, we were told to send any suggestions we had. We look forward to working with us in the future. Only one agreement has been signed yet. Basil Rajapaksa told us that there are two more agreements. He said that the parties should send their views in this regard. We look forward to presenting to him as a proposal, the issues that our trade unions are considering regarding our shortcomings and weaknesses,” State Minister Jayasekara said.

Secretary of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Attorney-at-Law Sagara Kariyawasam, said  that the issues the members of the affiliated parties had regarding the transparency of the Yugadanavi power plant agreement was resolved during the discussion.

“We discussed the Yugadanavi Power plant agreement and the leaders of the other parties affiliated to the government needed certain clarifications regarding it. As the Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa explained the matter to them in detail.

It was clearly stated that the bid received after calling for this tender would be $ 3 per unit from LNG. But this company is ready to supply for $ 1.4. So why leave something that is profitable to us like this?  Many party leaders including Wimal Weerawansa said that they had no objection to the allocation of shares in the Yugadanavi power plant. They said they had some idea about the LNG supply line. After Basil Rajapaksa clarified the matter, I think everyone present understood that this is a very transparent and beneficial move for the country.”

Meanwhile, Minister Rohitha Abeygunawardena stated that it was decided to meet the trade unions and clarify matters regarding the Yugadanavi power plant.

I haven't even seen the agreement - Basil

Meanwhile, the Leader website reported that Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa had said he has not yet seen the agreement signed with an American company regarding the Yugadanavi thermal power plant.

The agenda for the discussion between the leaders of the government's allies and the President had stated 14 basic points and the relevant subject Ministers had been summoned to answer them.

The issue related to Yugadanavi Thermal Power Plant was listed at No. 12. Accordingly, Minister Wimal Weerawansa stated at the beginning of the discussion that since the main objective of this discussion is the US agreement, he requested the President to discuss it first.

 Minister Wimal Weerawansa, who first spoke after the President agreed to this, had explained in detail that the agreement was to sell 40 percent of the shares in the Yugadanavi Thermal Power Plant to an American company and how some of its contents were concealed even from the Cabinet.

He said that right from the start this agreement was shrouded in secrecy and explained the dangers the country could face in the long run as a result of it.  

At that point the Finance Minister said that he had not even seen the agreement.

Subsequently, expressing his views Minister Udaya Gammanpila explained all the clauses in the agreement that were unfavourable to the country in detail.

However, the lengthy discussion eventually ended without a specific decision being reached.  

Meanwhile, the government's allies are scheduled to hold a meeting in Colombo tomorrow against the Yugadanavi agreement.