Nov 10, 2021

Rosy ousts 2 during meeting, alleges there are rogues among Municipal Councillors

There was major commotion at the Colombo Municipal Council meeting that was held yesterday (9) with Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake threatening to take legal action against electronic and print media for slandering her character over allegations of spending Rs. 68,000 on cheese.

While the mayor was making her speech, Councilors H.M.H. Naufer (UNP) and Mahinda Kahadagama (SLPP) started arguing and accusing each other creating greater tension at the meeting.

Naufer had defended the Mayor claiming that the allegations against her were false. With that the situation aggravated and the Mayor had reprimanded them both and warned them to be silent. However, she was unable to bring the situation under control and eventually the Mayor had to request the Council Sergeant to have them taken out.

However, Kahandagama started shouting, ‘Thief, Thief’ and created a commotion and the Mayor had to adjourn the meeting for five minutes.

Later, addressing the meeting, Mayor Rosy Senanayake said, “I have never robbed and neither have I cheated even a cent. I have never squandered the tax payers’ money nor have I even accepted the allowances I am entitled to. I have never engaged in corrupt activities. This time the entertainment allowance was increased to Rs. 35 million, but, I brought it down to Rs. 15 million. Also remember that the Municipal Council Commissioners Office and other departments also use the funds from the entertainment budget allocated to me. Although my name has been used and they are slinging mud at me, these funds have been used by others. Hence, I have instructed the Provincial Commissioner to conduct a full investigation regarding this matter.”

Therefore, she urged all officers and councillors not to distort the truth, adding that her goal is to serve the people better with the minimum cost.

Municipal Councilor M. H. M. Mr. Naufer (UNP)

They are howling about eating cheese, but that is not important. There are a few thieves in our Council. We came to serve the people.

Urban Councilor Mahinda Kahandagama (SLPP)

You can investigate the complaints I have made regarding this cheese case.