Nov 12, 2021

BUDGET 2022 : Scientific method for Samurdhi & Media frequencies to be auctioned

The existing Samurdhi scheme is to be converted to a Grameeya development scheme while a scientific method to be introduced to aid Samurdhi beneficiaries, Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa said.

Presenting the Budget 2022 in Parliament, he also said,

The HS Codes of Sri Lanka Customs to be updated.
Telecommunications structure to be updated and the state to provide Fibre Optic technology to cover over 10,000 state schools in the country.

The regulatory body for taxis (Three-wheeler) is to be established.

Social security programme to be introduced to benefit senior citizens who are without pensions.

An Act to be introduced to secure the rights of differently abled and persons with special needs.

No registration fee for start-ups from 2022.

Allocation of TV and Radio Frequencies will take place via auction. The Finance Minister noted that frequencies are considered as public property.