Nov 29, 2021

Epic involved in NMRA data deletion makes App to detect gas leak!

Epic Lanka Technologies, which was accused of deleting a large amount of data from the National Drug Regulatory Authority's computer database, has launched a device (app) to detect gas leaks in  gas cylinders through the mobile phone.

The App called the GasDetector, detects smoke, gas leaks and changes in the composition of the air, and if such a change occurs, it's able to send a text message to the assigned cell phone (connected to the device) and sound an alarm,  Epic Lanka's Chief Engineer Chanaka Tennakoon had told the island newspaper.

He says that the device is on sale at Singer, Abans and other outlets and that if anything goes wrong, it is easy to repair as it is 100% locally made.

He said the device can be plugged into an electrical plug anywhere around the kitchen cylinder, and can be powered by a battery for hours at a time.

Dr. Nayana Dehigama, Chairman, Epic Group, told Derana, "Some people do not even believe that this was made in Sri Lanka. This was created by the brains of Sri Lanka."