Dec 08, 2021

German woman presumed dead found in Negombo with another man

The Sri Lankan husband of a German woman, who had come to Sri Lanka to visit a friend, had gone missing and her husband had lodged a complaint with the IGP that his wife had gone missing and suspected that she might have been murdered. However, the German woman was arrested in the Negombo area while she was with another man. 

The German woman was found within 20 days in an operation headed by the Homicide and Organized Crime Division Director SSP Hemal Prasanna, who conducted a lengthy investigation into the complaint lodged with the IGP.

The IGP had paid special interest in this incident as it had stirred international concern. This German woman arrived in Sri Lanka on April 24th. She was married to a Sri Lankan and was residing in Germany and has two children. Her parents too live with her.

On the approval of her husband and parents, she had visited Sri Lanka claiming to be visiting a friend. However, when they had tried to contact her regarding the demise of her father, she had not paid much attention. But, after several days, she had sent her husband a voice cut telling him that she had been caught in the grasp of several individuals and she seemed like she was speaking with difficulty.

Meanwhile, the husband had received a phone call a few days later and the man had told him that his wife is in their custody and demanded a ransom for her release. The Sri Lankan husband had lodged a complaint with the German Police claiming that his wife had been abducted. But, he had not paid any ransom to the abductors. As her mobile phone had also not responded after some time, the husband had emailed the IGP regarding his wife’s abduction and requested his assistance in finding her.

Accordingly, the IGP had handed over the investigation to the CID Homicide and Organized Crime Division under its Director SSP Hemal Prasanna. Based on a photograph of the woman released by the CID, they had received information that a woman with similar features had been seen in the Negombo area. Having conducted surveillance on the woman, they had questioned her and found out that she was living with another Sri Lankan man on her own free will.

The statements of both the German woman and her paramour were recorded and the case was handed over to the Kochchikade Police for onward action.