Apr 08, 2017

Pabilis reveals milkrice recipe offered to Lord Buddha

According to renowned Chef Pabilis Silva, this year’s milk rice recipe for New Year should be prepared according to a special recipe.

He suggests a sweet milk rice instead of the traditional milk rice prepared of red rice. This special recipe by him will no doubt delight the young.

Pabilis had published the recipe of the historical milk rice offered by Sujatha to the Buddha. The recipe follows:


White rice 250 g

Cadju 50 g

Bees honey 2 tsp.

Butter 1 ½ tbsp.

Ghee 01 tbsp.

Raisins 75 g

Pumpkin preserve 50 g

Ginger preserve 25 g (if preferred only)

Thick coconut milk 01 cup

Salt to taste


Cut dried ingredients. Wash rice and cook with enough water to overcook the rice. When water is almost dry, add the cashew, salt, ghee, butter and thick coconut milk. Let cook on low heat. Then add the fruits, mix and let cook. When liquid is almost dry, take off fire, smoothen on platter and cut into desired shape.