Dec 30, 2021

Police limits milk powder sales due to VVIP movement in area? (Video)

Reports say that the police have instructed to limit sales at the Pelwatta outlet located near the Jubilee Post in Nugegoda.
In the backdrop of the prevailing milk powder shortage, long queues are usually seen outside the said outlet. However, 'News First' reports that these queues have been missing today (30).
Bystanders have told media they have come to know that the police had informed the outlet that the road, (which is usually taken by the Presidential convoy), becomes blocked due to the crowds and therefore to limit sales.
Meanwhile, had reported that the President as well as several VIPs reside in the area. Police had arrived at the outlet and had ordered it to close a short while after a VIP convoy had passed the area, the website adds.
However, it is reported that the outlet is now selling milk powder by issuing tokens on the directives of the Mirihana police.
Attempts to contact police media spokesman - SSP Nihal Thalduwa in this regard, were unsuccessful.