Jan 04, 2022

4 procurements granted to Indian companies

Cabinet approval has been given for 04 procurements to be granted to Indian companies.

Accordingly, a procurement to bring down 500 32-seater buses under the Indian Line of Credit, has been awarded to the Ashok Leyland company.

Approval has also been granted to procure 75,000 vials of Human immunoglobulin (5-6g) from India's Reliance Life Sciences company.

Also, cabinet approval was granted to procure 1,800,000 vials of the 1g Meropenem drug, from the Indian company - Venus Remedies.

Furthermore, it was also approved to procure 750 police jeeps from Mahindra and Mahindra Company of India. On Nov. 16, 2020, cabinet approval had been granted to purchase 750 jeeps for Sri Lanka Police including 150 jeeps for the Police Special Task Force under the Indian Line of Credit.