Jan 05, 2022

"Fuel shortage likely next week"

Samagi Jana Balawegaya Parliamentarian Patali Champika Ranawaka today (05) said  that two ships were docked at the port but the patrol and diesel cannot be unloaded as Letters of Credit have not been opened.

Therefore, he warned the government to take steps to open the Letters of Credit with the dollars they are said to have received in order to avert a fuel shortage, failing which a fuel crisis is inevitable within the next week.

Speaking at a media briefing held today, the former Minister further stated that the reduction of the tax on drugs allegedly provided under Minister Basil Rajapaksa's relief package is a blatant lie.

“First of all, drugs are not taxed. Accordingly, that fact is a blatant lie. Secondly, there are about 1.5 million in the public sector at present. There are about 700,000 retirees.

Accordingly, it would cost around Rs. 130 billion a year to provide the Rs. 60,000 per year to these 2.2 million people. Government sources say that this relief package is quite an expense.

Therefore, the expenditure side of the budget presented by Basil Rajapaksa, which is over Rs. 5200 billion, will increase to around Rs. 5500 billion. Also, the budget deficit is going to widen further.”