Jan 19, 2022

SLPP Secretary is more important than profits! Featured

It is reported that Lasantha Wickremasinghe, the Chairman of Milco has been removed and Renuka Perera, the Administrative Secretary of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna has been appointed to the post.

It is reported that the letter of appointment has already been issued. However, 'The Leader' reports that Renuka Perera has not yet taken a decision to accept the relevant chairmanship.

It is said that the reason for this is the serious humiliation he had to face recently.

It is reported that Renuka Perera has been in a state of deep anxiety for the past few days as he was removed from the post of Chairman of Litro Gas Company a few hours after he was appointed on the directives of the President.

According to government sources, the removal of Lasantha Wickremasinghe and the appointment of Renuka Perera as the new chairman of Milco has been strongly influenced by DB Herath, the Minister of State for Livestock, Farm Promotion and Dairy and Egg Industries.

The Minister of State in charge of the subject is preparing to appoint Renuka Perera as the Chairman of Milco in a background where the company is making good profits under Lasantha Wickremasinghe and paying high prices to the dairy farmers, say senior officials of the company.

During the last three years of good governance, Milco incurred a loss of over Rs. 2000 million and was made a profit by the present Milco Chairman Lasantha Wickremasinghe.

Milco made a profit of more than 800 million rupees in 2020 and 2021, and after 2015 increased the price paid to dairy farmers by 30%, officials said.

However, although the President had decided to appoint Lasantha Wickremasinghe in charge of the fertilizer project, it is reported that he has decided not to accept any further political appointments in state institutions.