Jan 28, 2022

Move to strip my civic rights: Champika

SJB MP Patali Champika Ranawaka today alleged that there were plans to punish him and strip his civic rights by summoning him before the Special Presidential Commission of Inquiry.

"We gave evidence before the Presidential Commission on Political Victimisation. This new commission has been appointed to implement the recommendations and decisions made by the previous commission. This was done to punish us and strip our civic rights," he said.

He said this to the media after making a statement before the Special Presidential Commission of Inquiry at the BMICH today.

"People have no electricity. There is no milk powder for children, Working people don’t have ways to buy food. Farmers have no fertilizer. People don’t have a way to buy rice. There is no gas, electricity or fuel. There is a huge dollar crisis as a result of the scam after 2010," he said.