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Apr 17, 2017

UNP to reveal corrupt SLFP ministers!

A group of UNP backbench MPs have decided to expose malpractices in ministries held by SLFP ministers, the ‘Divaina’ newspaper reveals.
The newspaper further states as follows :
An UNP MP said that they have decided this to rectify views created by the SLFP and the Joint Opposition to portray that corruption only takes place under UNP ministers.
He added that the assistance of state and deputy ministers from the UNP will be obtained to expose such malpractices.
However, several prominent ministries are functioning under SLFP ministers and the public should be informed of the waste in such ministries which runs up to millions, he said.
The MP further added that they would pressure the UNP leadership to hold investigations and take legal action against such corrupt ministers. 

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