Mar 02, 2022

8 power plants shut down - crisis intensifies! Featured

The Electricity Board says that 8 power plants have to be shut down due to lack of fuel for power generation.

Accordingly, only two fuel-fired power plants, Sojist and Uthuru Janani, are currently operational.

According to the CEB forecast, the amount of furnace oil required for power supply up to today (02) is 1036 cubic meters but at present the stocks stand at 716 cubic meters.

Although the naphtha requirement is 950 cubic meters, it is reported that the power plants do not have naphtha at present.

They say that although the amount of diesel required to date is 2640 cubic meters, the power plants have only 650 cubic meters of diesel at present.

Immediate steps will be taken to resolve the crisis - President

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has assured the Public Utilities Commission and the people that necessary steps will be taken to avert the power crisis in the country.

Janaka Ratnayake, Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission says that the Treasury and the Central Bank have assured to facilitate the importation of fuel for power generation.

Power cuts could end by the 05th

Finance Minister Basil Rajapaksa had said at the Cabinet meeting that the power cuts could be stopped by March 05th.

The Minister of Finance has stated that all crises facing the country can be resolved before the end of March and asked all Ministers to be patient until then.

Stating that the fuel shortage faced by the transport sector needs to be addressed urgently, the Finance Minister said that the focus was on facilitating the direct import of fuel for trains and buses.