Mar 21, 2022

Chinese companies complained of unfair treatment in SL - ambassador

Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka - Qi Zhenhong stated that Chinese companies have complained of unfair treatment in the country.

He had said thus while speaking at a media conference held earlier today (21).

Ambassador Qi said that since his posting to Sri Lanka over a year and 05 months ago, he had observed that all nationalities in Sri Lanka have shown a friendly attitude to Chinese nationals. However, several Chinese companies have complained to the embassy of unfair treatment they had faced in the country.

Citing the interruption of the proposed power projects in the 03 Northern islands in Jaffna as an example of this, the ambassador said that the embassy was not even informed of this and would have been completely unaware if the media had not reported the issue.

All the procedures are in accordance with the bidding process but for some 'unknown reasons' this was interrupted.

The ambassador further said that he has already raised this issue with Sri Lanka because they think this is not good for the country.

US $ 2.5 Bn financial assistance

The ambassador also revealed that Sri Lanka has requested financial assistance of US $ 2.5 Bn from China.

“We are considering 2.5 billion - a one billion dollar loan and 1.5 billion dollars buyers credit,”he said.

He said that China has altogether provided US $ 2.8 Bn financial assistance to Sri Lanka and this is not affiliated with any additional conditions.

“Since the pandemic, international rating agencies have downgraded Sri Lanka. So China has been firm in supporting Sri Lanka in combating the COVID pandemic, rejuvenating the economy and supporting the livelihood of the Sri Lankan people,” he added.

“Sri Lanka and China have started close negotiations on bilateral relations,” Ambassador Qi said.

China to prioritize SL students

The ambassador also addressed the issue of around 6,000 Sri Lankan students who were studying in China but had returned to the country during the Covid-19 pandemic.

"China has decided to prioritize Sri Lanka as the first batch of countries whose students could return back to China... A few students have already started their process back to Sri Lanka.

Pics - Shamitha Tharaka

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