Apr 11, 2022

Proposal to remove highly expensive ministerial private staff! Featured

It is reported that the secretaries of the cabinet ministries have handed over a request to the Secretary to the President Gamini Senarath to remove the ministerial personal staff who are being maintained by the government by being provided allowances including salaries, vehicles, fuel and telephone allowances.

The proposal is said to contain thirty-three measures that can be taken as a solution to the crisis situation.

This proposal was handed over to the President’s Secretary on the 08th of April.

The secretaries have proposed to reduce the number of state ministries as well as to suspend recruitment to the public service.

Among these proposals are proposals to halt all new projects, stop renting out buildings to the public sector and review the 2022 budget proposals, said Secretary to the Ministry of Public Services, Provincial Councils and Local Government, J.J. Ratnasiri as reported by the Aruna newspaper.

The Secretary also pointed out that a survey should be conducted on the existing staff before making recruitments in the public sector.

It is said that the Secretaries of State Ministries have also discussed with the Secretary to the President and he had instructed them to send their proposals as well.

Those who have not passed 08th grade

It has been revealed that most of the ministers' personal staff have very low educational qualifications and most of them are relatives of the ministers.

Meanwhile, it is reported that there are questions regarding the wealth they have earned in the past.

Government vehicles used to drop children at school, wives to visit salons

Many of the ministers' personal staff have been provided with vehicles by the ministries and it is reported that most of their vehicles are used to transport the children of the relevant officials to schools and to go shopping and to salons.