Apr 16, 2022

Today is Bak Full Moon Poya Day!

The Bak Pura Pasaloswaka Poya Day commemorates the second visit of The Buddha to Sri Lanka which took place in the fifth year of his Supreme Enlightenment.

The Buddha visited Nagadipa on this day to put an end to the feud between King Mahodara and his nephew, Chulodara, both from the Naga tribe, who were quarrelling over a gem-studded throne, Minipalaga, which had been given to Chulodara's mother by her father.

The history of the Sasana states that the Buddha was invited by the king Maniakkhita to visit Kelaniya on this day.

Also, the image of an old man, the first of the four omens seen by Prince Siddhartha, was also on a Bakpura full moon poya day.