Apr 26, 2017

MoU for Trincomalee oil tanks! Featured

The cabinet, at its meeting yesterday (25), agreed to reach a memorandum of understanding with India and also to make the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation a partner, with regard to the oil tanks farm in Trincomalee, a senior minister told 'Sri Lanka Mirror'.

However, president Maithripala Sirisena instructed prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe not to violate the written promise given to CPC trade unions, when reaching agreements with India.

Later in the day, the PM left for India on a two-day official visit.

His promise to TUs is that any agreements would be reached with India in consultation with the TUs and other stakeholders.

Disadvantageous MoU - NFF
Meanwhile, NFF propaganda secretary Mohamed Muzammil told the media yesterday that Wickremesinghe was attempting to handover Sri Lanka’s energy security to India by signing a MoU that would allow India to make a puppet out of Sri Lanka.

The danger of handing over the Trincomalee oil tanks and land to India is still there, after Wickremesinghe, for the first time, gave some of them to India in 2003, he said.

Wickremesinghe was defeated in 2004 and could not give all, but now, he is going to show his gratitude to India for helping him to topple the government in 2015 by ‘paying back everything with interest’, Muzammil charged.

Oil tanks already owned by India
The collective of national organizations claims the oil tanks have already been given to India and the related agreement would have terrifying implications on the country.

Its representatives told the media yesterday that a cabinet decision has been taken to draft an investment plan for Trincomalee together with a Singaporean company and to implement it with companies from the US, India, South Korea and Japan involved.

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