Apr 26, 2017

Govt. agrees to meet certain GSP+ conditions! Featured

The cabinet agreed at its meeting yesterday (25) to meet certain basic conditions relating to regaining the GSP plus export concession from the European Union, according to a senior minister.

He told Sri Lanka Mirror that the conditions included the formulation of a draft to bring the prevention of terrorism act within a policy framework and to amend the penal code in accordance with international standards.

These are two conditions laid down in a letter sent by a group of European parliamentarians on April 07 to prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Regaining the GSP+ hung in the balance as the government has rejected certain conditions, with a May 15 deadline has been given for their implementation.

2 day debates begins today

Meanwhile, 50 European MPs have submitted a proposal not to grant the export concession to Sri Lanka on the basis that repealing the PTA and punishing human rights violators have not been done yet.

The proposal will be debated by the European parliament today and tomorrow, followed by a vote.

The conditions?

Meanwhile, joint opposition MP Bandula Gunawardena told journalists yesterday that the government should at least inform parliament as to what conditions it was agreeing to regain the GSP+.

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