Apr 27, 2017

TUs should be within their limits – Fonseka Featured

Minister, Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka says he understands the requirement of the president, and will act upon that requirement.

He was speaking during a New Year festival in Kelaniya today (27).

Fonseka said he answered in the negative when the president asked him at the cabinet meeting last Tuesday if he was willing to accept either the Army commander or the defence chief position.

He said that trade unions are there to act for their welfare, and not to become political henchmen, sabotage the government for political intentions and topple the government. That is not a trade union right.

A government elected by the people cannot allow it to happen if the freedom given is being used to harass the people and sabotage the state mechanism, he stressed, adding that certain steps have to be taken on behalf of the people if that happens.

Wealthy politicians are behind the trade unions that have been behaving in that manner and that cannot be permitted, and the government should be protected, Fonseka stressed.

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