May 14, 2022

244 prisoners to be released for Vesak Featured

The Prisons Department said that in view of the Vesak Poya Day tomorrow (15) President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is scheduled to pardon and release 244 prisoners.

Prisons Commissioner Chandana Eakanayake said that these prisoners would be released under special state pardon.

The Prisons Department released a media release in this regard.

Prisoners will be granted general amnesty of 14 days per year spent in prison up to 15.05.2022.

Prisoners who have been unable to pay their fines and have been imprisoned would have the rest of their fine written off.

Prisoners above the age of 65 will have their sentences reduced by half and those who have already served over half of their sentence as of May 15th will have the rest of their sentence cancelled.

Prisoners sentenced to 40 years or more as of May 15th and have served over 20 years of their term would have the rest of their sentence cancelled.