May 27, 2022

PM holds talks with agri sector on looming food shortage (Pics)

The Prime Minister held discussions with representatives from the agriculture sector to discuss the pending food shortage in the country.

During the discussions the Prime Minister stated that US $600m would be required to ensure adequate supply of fertiliser. The officials then informed that the fertiliser companies would be able to supply the required fertiliser quantities if the banks released the dollars.

The Prime Minister also explained that he would be presenting a new Act in Parliament, the Essential Agriculture Supplies Act, which would ensure uninterrupted supply and distribution of agricultural materials.

The Prime Minister stated that due to the war in Ukraine the world was facing a wheat and fertiliser shortage. He explained that as the shortages increase, Sri Lanka's food supplies would worsen unless remedial action was taken immediately. The Prime Minister instructed the officials to identify underutilized land in the urban areas which could be cultivated. He said that the situation in the country was dire and required a combined effort if we were to overcome it.

The Prime Minister was joined by Minister of Agriculture - Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Ports and Aviation, - Nirmal Siripala, Minister of Youth & Sports - Roshan Ranasinghe, along with relevant officials.

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