Jun 14, 2022

Human smuggling racket lifts its head again!

The security forces have uncovered a racket where groups collecting money from illegal migrants promising them passage to foreign countries and after obtaining the money from them, they are reported to the authorities.

Over the past several days there were many reports of illegal migrants attempting to enter Australia by boat.

The majority of these illegal migrants were apprehended by the Navy and upon questioning, they revealed that they had attempted to flee the country due to the crisis in the country.

During the operations conducted by the Navy so far this year, almost 250 persons who were attempting to illegally migrate were arrested. There were women and children among them.

Investigations have also revealed that these human smuggling operations are centered around Chilaw, Negombo, Batticaloa and Trincomalee areas.

Investigations have also revealed that these smugglers charge each person between 700,000 to a million and once they board the boats and set off, these smugglers inform the authorities and have them arrested.

The security forces have also learnt that some of the small boats charge these illegal migrants around Rs. 80,000 to transport them to larger trawlers anchored in the open waters.

Meanwhile, 15 Sri Lankans who had illegally migrated to Australia by boat were arrested by the Australian Coast Guards and were deported back to Sri Lanka.

When questioned they had said that they were not even able to step on Christmas Island and that they had lost all their properties and belongings to these smugglers.