Jun 17, 2022

Seized cannabis to be handed over to the Ayurveda Corporation

The Ministry of Justice is seeking to take legal reforms to enable seized cannabis to be used by the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation to produce Ayurvedic drugs.
Accordingly, they are hoping to hand over seized cannabis (Except those presented as case items in court) to the corporation.
At the present, the corporation produces 05 types of medicine using cannabis which requires a load of Rs. 3,000 kg per annum.
Corporation officials have yesterday (16) requested the Justice minister to remove the red tape involved for them to obtain the necessary stocks, and accordingly, it has been agreed to take required measures.
The Minister has pointed out that the police should take all responsibilities including transporting and protecting the cannabis plants that are to be handed over to the Ayurveda Corporation. He added that they should be handed over to doctors registered with the Ayurveda Corporation under a proper procedure.