Jun 17, 2022

Teachers to be allowed to serve at closest schools! Featured

The Ministry of Education has issued a new circular regarding the utilization of teachers due to transportation difficulties in the country.

The circular was issued under the signature of the Secretary to the Ministry of Education M.N. Ranasinghe. Copies of the relevant circular was sent to the Secretary of the Public Service Commission, the Secretary of the Finance Commission, all Additional Secretaries of the Ministry of Education and the Director of Education (National Schools).

It states that teachers' requests should be considered to assign them to convenient schools for temporary service assignments subject to certain conditions.

The relevant circular has been issued informing all the Secretaries of the Provincial Public Service Commissions, Provincial Secretaries of Education, Provincial Directors of Education and National School Principals.

Accordingly, it empowers the relevant Provincial Director of Education to attach teachers between national schools within the same province and between national schools and provincial schools.